Wingfield Primary School Governing Body

The purpose of the Governing Body (GB) at Wingfield Primary School is to ensure that the school provides the best possible education for all our pupils. 
The Governing Body provides non-executive leadership.  Its role is to operate at a strategic level to set the vision and strategic direction of the school; hold the headteacher to account for its educational performance; and to ensure financial resources are well spent.  
The headteacher and senior leaders are responsible for the day to day running of the school, however, it is the governing body's role to hold the headteacher to account for the overall impact of the management of the school.  This is done by offering both challenge and support to the senior leadership team.

Who we are

Our Governing Body is made up of volunteers from the community who have a wide range of skills, expertise and professional interests. It includes parents/carers, staff who work within the school and individuals drawn from the wider community. One governor is selected by the Local Authority. In the current make up, we draw on experience from a range of backgrounds including education, commerce and the public sector.

In line with the instrument of government, the Governing Body consists of: 

2 parent governors;

1 LA governor;

2 staff governors, including the Headteacher 

7 co-opted governors.

Governors are elected for four years.

How we work with the school 

Governors fulfil their responsibilities by:

Supporting the school and its ambition by working strategically to develop and implement vision and ethos

Ensuring that the children are receiving the best education and achieve the best outcomes by monitoring the quality of teaching and standards across the school

Setting a budget and making sure that financial resources made available to the school are used effectively

Accounting to all stakeholders for the school’s performance and for the decisions they make.

Governors support the school by visiting regularly and participating in events. 



Our Governing Board was reconstituted in 2018 and now operates the circle model of governance. This means we work as a whole team, meet 6 times per year (at least once in each term), without separate committees. Agenda for each meeting includes items and issues that the Governing Body is required to consider. Sometimes, the GB will delegate certain activities (including monitoring) or actions to individual or pairs/group of governors, which will be recorded in the minutes. If such function has been delegated, the relevant governors will report to the whole GB at the next meeting – which is recorded in minutes as well. 


Monitoring activities 

All our governors have additional link roles. A link governor is responsible for keeping the governing board informed about the area for which they're responsible and acting as a link between governors and staff. They also monitor the implementation of the school's strategy in the specialist area and ensure the school has relevant policies in place



We currently have 3 vacancies for co-opted governors. Please contact our Chair of Governors, Aleksandra Wasik-Hyde, if you’d be interested in taking this role with our school.


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