Henri Matisse

This term, Reception learnt about the French artist, Henri Matisse. Matisse was born in 1869 and died in 1954. He was a famous painter. However, when he became ill in his old age, he began to create large cut paper collages, or ‘decoupages’. We focused on the final chapters in his career when Matisse began ‘carving into colour’, creating his series of cut out art pieces.

We looked at his famous piece: ‘The Mermaid and the Parakeet’ and created our own versions using organic shapes.

The children used pre-prepared templates to draw around the organic shapes and used their cutting skills to cut these out. They also used pre-cut shapes and arranged these to create their collages. After completing their collages, each child chose an individual name for their piece.

We also looked at his piece ‘The Snail’ and used geometric shapes to create our own mini-beast art. Children cut out their own shapes and arranged these on the paper to create their chosen garden mini-beast.