SEND Information Report 2021-2022

Wingfield Primary School SEND Information Report 2021-2022

How many students did we have at our school with statements or EHC plans at the end of September 2021?

14 EHC plans 

How many students did we have at SEN Support at the end of September 2021?

64 children 

How many students did we have at monitored at the end of September 2021?

74 children  

What were the outcomes for children within our school with SEND at the end of the academic year 2020-2021?



Pupils, who have special education needs or disabilities have made good progress this year because of high-quality teaching targeted to meet their needs.


The summer data shows that outcomes of children with SEND had been well supported to progress well.

What SEND related training did staff at our school have during the academic year 2020-21?

  • A refresher in safeguarding (completed in September 2020/2021). 
  • First aiders renewed their qualification
  • All TAs received ‘Word Up’ training from STEP’s
  • Education psychologist delivered whole school training on ‘Precision Teaching’
  • Learning Mentor completed her apprenticeships
  • SENCO completed the SENCO award
  • New mental health first aider was identified, and training is booked
  • Private Speech and Language therapist has delivered bespoke training including talking mats and word aware
  • Oxleas SALT recorded and share training on peer supported play
  • Oxleas SALT trained TAs in Lego therapy and supported setting up two new groups

What did the headteacher say about SEND in leadership report for governors in September 2021?


We are continuing to review the school SEND list on at least a termly basis using the four categories of SEN:  

Communication and Interaction. 

Cognition and Learning. 

Social, Emotional and Mental Health. 

Sensory and Physical Needs. 


Number of children on SEND register

There are 64 children on the SEND register (EHCPs and SEN support). 


Type of Need

Communication and interaction: 

52 children including 16 with an ASD diagnosis. 


Cognition and learning: 

26 children including 9 with a dyslexia diagnosis and 2 with a dyspraxia diagnosis.


Social, Emotional and Mental Health: 

10 children including 7 with an ADHD diagnosis 



17 children including 1 with a hearing impairment


We continue to review the school’s SEND monitored list termly.


We continue to refer to several outside agencies to help us support children with SEND. Through consulting with other professionals, we can equip teachers and teaching assistants with proficient skills in addressing the needs of our children. 


The professionals have worked flexibly and supportively in person and virtually. This year we are planning for professionals to be in school more.


We continue to build networks across the other schools to share SEND expertise, ensure consistency, and improve the outcomes for our children. Standards remain high because teachers deliver effective inclusive practice through high-quality everyday personalised teaching. 











Working In Partnership


Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)

We are using 2 services to support communication and interaction needs. Oxleas SALT is providing support for EHCP children and children who have been referred onto their caseload.

We are using a private therapist via Therapy Links who can review children and set up support at a targeted level. SALT support happens most weeks. We have Miss Joanna and Miss Corrigan our school’s speech and language teaching assistants who work with small groups and 1:1 to support children with their targets.


ASD Outreach

ASD outreach continue to support and throughout the term. The outreach worker comes into school to support and review children with an ASD diagnosis.



Waterside visit the school weekly to support with behaviour issues and as a result there has been a significant impact.



The school continues to use STEP’s for dyslexia assessments and personalised support plans. The STEP’s outreach worker supports throughout the term. We have two teaching assistants Miss Jessica and Miss Begona who deliver this intervention in the afternoons. 


Learning Mentor

Shelley Mace is our learning mentor who is very busy supporting the needs of children, so they are happy and are able to learn effectively. Shelley is completing her Learning Mentor apprenticeship. She is proactive is supporting mental health across the school. 


Educational Psychology Service

Our Education Psychologist is Veronica D’Rozaria. The Educational Psychologist meets with the SENCO’s and has some new referrals as well as supporting children for whom statutory assessment is needed. We have increased our contact with the Education Psychologist to meet the growing demand of our children.


First Aid and Medical Conditions

The Inclusion AHT has worked closely with the nursing team to continual update and share the Medical Alert Handbook. All care plans have been reviewed and training has been given.



Mental Health First Aiders

Alyssa White and Shelly Mace are our mental health first aiders. This year Samantha Edgar will also become a mental health first aider to help continue to the support ongoing social and mental health needs.


Road Safety Officer

We also work closely with Road Safety Officer to set up TIGER which will support and develop children’s travel skills ready for the transition to secondary school.