Challenge Partners

 At Wingfield Primary School we collect evidence about what works best now and use this evidence to improve outcomes for all and this is evidenced in the recent Challenge Partners review (November 2021) which recognises that our school is a leading school:


  • Staff worked together to devise the comprehensive and detailed ‘Feedback on Learning policy’. Staff completed action research in the classroom and used recent wider research on the most effective feedback. Staff give verbal feedback quickly in lessons and pupils work rapidly at the point of learning to demonstrate their understanding. This approach was very evident in lessons and pupils’ work in books showing pupils’ excellent grasp of concepts in mathematics and detailed understanding of grammar.


  • Teachers plan whole school projects in each term. The most recent features the art work of ‘Banksy’ and a ‘Banksy’ graffiti appeared in the playground. Year 6 wrote mature discursive articles about the implications of graffiti. These excellent contemporary stimuli are characteristic of the termly projects.